watermint toolbox - The multi-purpose utility command-line tool for web services


A recipe is a definition and implementation of a command. All recipe must implement functions of the interface Recipe of github.com/watermint/toolbox/recipe/rc_recipe/recipe.

type Preset interface {

type Recipe interface {
Exec(c app_control.Control) error
Test(c app_control.Control) error

The function Preset() is the definition of default values, report model definition and input model definitions. The framework will automatically call Preset() to prepare a Recipe instance before call Exec() or Test().

Initialization sequence

For the console based commands, commands will be launched by Bootstrap then Recipe and those RecipeValues will be initialized through Repository. At RecipeValue spin up, if a RecipeValue is connection. Then ask for authentication to the user. Or if it is Report RecipeValue, then opens report automatically.

sequenceDiagram autonumber Bootstrap ->> rc_exec.DoSpec: Launch recipe activate rc_exec.DoSpec rc_exec.DoSpec ->> rc_recipe.Repository: Retrieve recipe spec activate rc_recipe.Repository rc_recipe.Repository ->> Recipe: Instantiate activate Recipe rc_recipe.Repository ->> Recipe: SpinUp loop SpinUpValues rc_recipe.Repository ->> RecipeValue: SpinUp recipe value end rc_exec.DoSpec ->> Recipe: Execute rc_recipe.Repository ->> Recipe: SpinDown loop SpinUpValues rc_recipe.Repository ->> RecipeValue: SpinDown recipe value end deactivate Recipe deactivate rc_recipe.Repository deactivate rc_exec.DoSpec

Planned change in web based commands

To achieve web based system. The initialization sequence need to be changed. For example, the console version sequentially ask for authentication or reads input files one by one. But on the web system. UI need to spin up values individually. For example, if the user need to connect to Dropbox account, then UI should launch authorization sequence before entire SpinUp of the Recipe.

sequenceDiagram autonumber User ->> WebUI: Initiate activate WebUI WebUI ->> Repository: Retrieve Recipe spec activate Repository WebUI ->> RecipeValue[Conn]: Retrieve connection spec WebUI ->> User: Render Recipe options deactivate Repository deactivate WebUI loop All connections User ->> WebUI: Choose "Connect" to Dropbox activate WebUI WebUI ->> RecipeValue[Conn]: Start OAuth Sequence activate RecipeValue[Conn] RecipeValue[Conn] ->> WebUI: Return OAuth Sequnence context deactivate RecipeValue[Conn] WebUI ->> User: Render Auth dialogue User ->> WebUI: Proceed WebUI ->> Dropbox: Start OAuth sequence activate Dropbox Dropbox ->> User: Redirect User ->> Dropbox: Authorize Dropbox ->> WebUI: Redirect deactivate Dropbox WebUI ->> RecipeValue[Conn]: Complete OAuth sequence activate RecipeValue[Conn] RecipeValue[Conn] ->> AuthDatabase: Encrypt/Store OAuth deactivate RecipeValue[Conn] deactivate WebUI end User ->> WebUI: Execute activate WebUI WebUI ->> Repository: Execute activate Repository Repository ->> Recipe: Instantiate Recipe loop All RecipeValues Repository ->> RecipeValue[Conn]: Inject pre-configured values RecipeValue[Conn] ->> AuthDatabase: Retrieve data end Repository ->> Recipe: Execute deactivate Repository deactivate WebUI