watermint toolbox - The multi-purpose utility command-line tool for web services

Changes between Release 104 to Release 105

Commands added

Command Title
team runas sharedfolder batch leave Batch leave from shared folders as a member
team runas sharedfolder list List shared folders run as the member
team runas sharedfolder mount add Add the shared folder to the specified member’s Dropbox
team runas sharedfolder mount delete The specified user unmounts the designated folder.
team runas sharedfolder mount list List all shared folders the specified member mounted
team runas sharedfolder mount mountable List all shared folders the member can mount

Command spec changed: dev benchmark upload

Command configuration changed

  	... // 17 identical fields
  	Reports: nil,
  	Feeds:   nil,
  	Values: []*dc_recipe.Value{
  			Name:     "BlockBlockSize",
  			Desc:     "Block size for batch upload",
- 			Default:  "40",
+ 			Default:  "16",
  			TypeName: "essentials.model.mo_int.range_int",
  			TypeAttr: map[string]any{
  				"max":   float64(1000),
  				"min":   float64(1),
- 				"value": float64(40),
+ 				"value": float64(16),
  		&{Name: "Method", Desc: "Upload method", Default: "block", TypeName: "essentials.model.mo_string.select_string", ...},
  		&{Name: "NumFiles", Desc: "Number of files.", Default: "1000", TypeName: "int", ...},
  		... // 7 identical elements
  	GridDataInput:  {},
  	GridDataOutput: {},
  	... // 2 identical fields

Command spec changed: team runas file list

Command configuration changed

  	... // 3 identical fields
  	Remarks:         "",
  	Path:            "team runas file list",
- 	CliArgs:         "-path /DROPBOX/PATH/TO/LIST",
+ 	CliArgs:         "-member-email MEMBER@DOMAIN -path /DROPBOX/PATH/TO/LIST",
  	CliNote:         "",
  	ConnUsePersonal: false,
  	... // 16 identical fields