watermint toolbox - The multi-purpose utility command-line tool for web services

Changes between Release 62 to Release 63

Commands added

Command Title
team content member List team folder & shared folder members
team content policy List policies of team folders and shared folders in the team

Command spec changed: sharedfolder list

Changed report: shared_folder

  	Name: "shared_folder",
  	Desc: "",
  	Columns: []*dc_recipe.ReportColumn{
  		... // 5 identical elements
  		&{Name: "is_inside_team_folder", Desc: "Whether this folder is inside of a team folder."},
  		&{Name: "is_team_folder", Desc: "Whether this folder is a team folder."},
+ 		&{
+ 			Name: "policy_manage_access",
+ 			Desc: "Who can add and remove members from this shared folder.",
+ 		},
+ 		&{Name: "policy_shared_link", Desc: "Who links can be shared with."},
  		&{Name: "policy_member", Desc: "Who can be a member of this shared folder, as set on the folder "...},
+ 		&{
+ 			Name: "policy_viewer_info",
+ 			Desc: "Who can enable/disable viewer info for this shared folder.",
+ 		},
+ 		&{Name: "owner_team_id", Desc: "Team ID of the team that owns the folder"},
+ 		&{Name: "owner_team_name", Desc: "Team name of the team that owns the folder"},