watermint toolbox - The multi-purpose utility command-line tool for web services

Changes between Release 67 to Release 68

Commands added

Command Title
dev util image jpeg Create dummy image files
services github content get Get content metadata of the repository
services github content put Put small text content into the repository

Commands deleted

Command Title
dev dummy Create dummy files

Command spec changed: member delete

Command configuration changed

  	... // 16 identical fields
  	Reports: nil,
  	Feeds:   nil,
  	Values: []*dc_recipe.Value{
  		&{Name: "File", Desc: "Data file", TypeName: "infra.feed.fd_file_impl.row_feed"},
  		&{Name: "Peer", Desc: "Account alias", Default: "default", TypeName: "domain.dropbox.api.dbx_conn_impl.conn_business_mgmt", ...},
+ 		&{
+ 			Name:     "TransferDestMember",
+ 			Desc:     "If provided, files from the deleted member account will be transferred to this user.",
+ 			TypeName: "domain.common.model.mo_string.opt_string",
+ 		},
+ 		&{
+ 			Name:     "TransferNotifyAdminEmailOnError",
+ 			Desc:     "If provided, errors during the transfer process will be sent via email to this user.",
+ 			TypeName: "domain.common.model.mo_string.opt_string",
+ 		},
  		&{Name: "WipeData", Desc: "If true, controls if the user's data will be deleted on their li"..., Default: "true", TypeName: "bool", ...},
  	GridDataInput:  nil,
  	GridDataOutput: nil,
  	... // 2 identical fields