watermint toolbox - The multi-purpose utility command-line tool for web services

Changes between Release 78 to Release 79

Commands added

Command Title
dev stage gui GUI proof of concept
file archive local Archive local files
group member batch add Bulk add members into groups
group member batch delete Delete members from groups
group member batch update Add or delete members from groups
team report activity Activities report
team report devices Devices report
team report membership Membership report
team report storage Storage report

Command spec changed: team diag explorer

Command configuration changed

  	... // 7 identical fields
  	ConnUsePersonal: false,
  	ConnUseBusiness: true,
  	ConnScopes: map[string]string{
  		"File": "business_file",
  		"Info": "business_info",
  		"Mgmt": "business_management",
- 		"Peer": "business_file",
+ 		"Peer": "business_info",
  	Services: {"dropbox_business"},
  	IsSecret: false,
  	... // 11 identical fields

Command spec changed: team sharedlink list

Command configuration changed

  	... // 16 identical fields
  	Reports: nil,
  	Feeds:   nil,
  	Values: []*dc_recipe.Value{
  		&{Name: "Peer", Desc: "Account alias", Default: "default", TypeName: "domain.dropbox.api.dbx_conn_impl.conn_business_file", ...},
  			Name:     "Visibility",
  			Desc:     "Filter links by visibility (public/team_only/password)",
- 			Default:  "public",
+ 			Default:  "all",
  			TypeName: "essentials.model.mo_string.select_string",
  			TypeAttr: map[string]any{
  				"options": []any{
+ 					string("all"),
  					... // 3 identical elements
  	GridDataInput:  nil,
  	GridDataOutput: nil,
  	... // 2 identical fields