watermint toolbox - The multi-purpose utility command-line tool for web services

Changes between Release 82 to Release 83

Commands added

Command Title
dev benchmark uploadlink Benchmark single file upload with upload temporary link API.
file info Resolve metadata of the path
teamfolder partial replication Partial team folder replication to the other team

Command spec changed: team diag explorer

Command configuration changed

  	... // 7 identical fields
  	ConnUsePersonal: false,
  	ConnUseBusiness: true,
  	ConnScopes: map[string]string{
  		"File": "business_file",
  		"Info": "business_info",
  		"Mgmt": "business_management",
- 		"Peer": "business_file",
+ 		"Peer": "business_management",
  	Services: {"dropbox_business"},
  	IsSecret: false,
  	... // 12 identical fields